About Anthony

Anthony Carr started in the real estate industry as a real estate editor, eventually transitioned to launch a business in 1995. He quickly built his team through a close-knit group of advocates of friends, past clients and business associates. To this day he works by referral to help people sell, buy and invest in real estate – that means, he works with his friends, business associates and THEIR friends and business associates. Click here to get started on your real estate goals.As a writer, he continues his craft with his blog at www.RealtyHacks.net where you can find plenty of advice on real estate buying, selling, financing and investing.
His real estate career has expanded beyond only sales and listings – he has proven his expertise as a sought out speaker, author, blogger and problem solver. He authored Real Estate Investing Made Simple: A commonsense approach to building wealth”; (take a look at chapter one right here).

As a columnist for RealtyTimes.com, Anthony wrote hundreds of articles that were published worldwide. A sought after expert in the industry, he has been interviewed by news outlets nationwide, including the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, Woman’s World magazine and others. He has also been featured several times on CNN’s Open House broadcast.

In addition, he was the editor of The Washington Times’ Friday Home Guide in the 1990s and served 8 years at the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors as the Director of Communications.


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